Tutoriumsfahrt to Northern Ireland and Dublin

Gymnasien, UNESCO
A Roundtrip of the A-level students

Experience is one thing you can ´t get for nothing.

Oscar Wilde, Irish writer born in Dublin (1854-1900)


The Anna-Schmidt-Schule is a UNESCO school and so it was obvious that it might be a good idea to plan a roundtrip for the Tutoriumsfahrt of the A-level students to Northern Ireland and Dublin in order to see many of the heritage sites first hand, taking Oscar Wilde ´s quote as a true statement.

And, he was right! We saw stunning places, explored nature while climbing up green hills, toured around in two cities learning more about The Troubles (The Northern Ireland Conflict) and Dublin as desginated UNESCO City of Literature receiving the award in 2010 aswell as Belfast being the UNESCO City of Music (2021)with over 80 music venues stretching from the 11,000 capacity SSE Arena and the historic Ulster Hall with the famous Mulholland Grand Organ. Unfortunately Belfast holds another record with the most bombed hotel in the world, The Europa.

On our last day we visited Trinity College, the oldest university in Ireland and observed the Book of Kells which is regarded as Ireland´s greatest historical treasure, and one of the most spectacular examples of medieval Christian art.

The Giant´s Causeway is steeped in myth and legend. Carved from the coast and known as geological wonder in the closest vicinity to Bushmills, the Giant´s Causeway is the result of intense volcanic and geological activity with over 40,000 interlocking basalt  columns. Legends say that the mighty Giant Finn McCool left his footprint behind and an ancient home full of folklore.

Enjoy the pictures that give an insight of our experience even though they cannot capture our UNESCO experience in full intensity and length.

Deborah Born, Tutorin

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