The Debate Trip

"English Debate Club" - one of the youngest debate teams in Germany

This time, our destination was Freiburg, and our first debate was about the motion: “TBHT (This house believes that) the minimum age for owning a phone is 16.” A motion serves as the topic for a debate. Our initial debate group was impromptu and took the contra side. Impromptu means receiving the debate topic only one hour before the session and having just an hour to prepare the speech. Unfortunately, we lost the first debate, facing off against 9th graders.

Moving on to the second debate, the motion was “THBT students should grade their teachers.” Our second debate group, despite putting in a commendable effort, also ended up on the losing side. Interestingly, we found ourselves debating against 9th graders once again!

Despite the losses, the debate was still an enjoyable experience for us. We take pride in being one of the youngest debate teams in Germany. The train journey added to the fun, and we’re eagerly anticipating the next debate. Stay tuned for another article after our next debating adventure.

Your English Debate Club

(Artikel von Joséphine Schwanke, Chloé Beyer und Pyain Kumaran – Klasse 5a)

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