English Debating Competition

The third and fourth round of the competition!

This is the second time the Anna-Schmidt-Schule took part in the English Debating competition. On the 3rd March 2024, the Anna-Schmidt-Schule hosted the competition, whereas the Phorms Frankfurt and the Schubart Gymnasium Ulm arrived at our school. Our first impromptu team, including Neil, Joséphine as well as Mareike nailed the win for our school in an epic debate. It went back and forth, however our glorious team managed to keep the victory until the end, facing off against the mixed team from Schubart Gymnasium Ulm and the Phorms. After a clean victory from the impromptu debate, the teams first needed a while to rest and regain some energy. After a nice, relaxing coffee break, our next 2 teams prepared for the 4th round of the competition. The prepared motion was „THB that voting should be mandatory.“ Our school also organized a Swing team, which is a team replacing a different school that couldn’t come, alongside with the prepared team of the Anna-Schmidt-Schule. The Swing team was given the opposition side, and the prepared team took the role of the proposition side. Unfortunately, the prepared team, containing Chloé, Pyan, and Sofia, lost in an intense and close battle, and the Swing team, consisting of Xiaoyang, Boris and Neil, which debated against the Phorms, experienced a defeat as well. Luckily the loss of the Swing team didn’t affect our results, as we were only jumping in for a different school.

Despite the losses in the 4th round, we were very delighted of our victory in the 3rd round and gained a lot of new experience during this debate. We were very proud and satisfied with our performance and cannot wait until the next debating round starts. The Anna-Schmidt-Schule represents the youngest team from Germany filled with pride and we can’t await to debate the next time.

Your English Debating Team

(Article by Xiaoyang Hu, 5b)

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